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About Annie C

Born a traveler and a dreamer I grew up with the desire to express myself through creative outlets.  Manifesting into photography and dance, I started photographing in my teens when I became aware of life as being one unforgettable image after another; a child's innocent expression, the translucent ripples of water in a stream, the infectious joy created by laughter, the raw intensity of performance, or the look of undying love and affection, to name a few.  Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to capture these kinds of moments through photography in countless situations.

With an easy going professionalism and an ability to adapt to any environment, my photographs are a culmination of a personal connection to my clients and a technical ability to produce images that define what I “see” and elicit genuine emotion.

In addition to photograhy, I am a dance instructor, Harley rider, and mother of two amazing children!

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